Tuesday, June 9, 2009

one chaotic day

Dear Baby...
Today is such a chaotic day when I discovered that there is no single movement since 9am till 12pm in my womb..huh..panic betul bcoz baby biasanyer actively move. I called my husband asap and inform him bcoz doktor selalu pesan, if baby x bergerak dlm tempoh 3 jam, cepat- cepat pegi hospital bcoz we are worried of any possibility that baby mungkin lemas atau terjerut tali pusat - Nauzubilahiminzalik....Ya ALLAH, mintak dijauhkan la semua tu :(
Terus saya telefon Dr.Zaini,seeking her advice. Dia nasihatkan saya utk segera ke hospital- straight away to labour room and do a CTG test to ensure the baby's condition.
Saya terus telefon husband to fetch me from ofis and terus pegi DEMC.
Masa dlm perjalanan tu, only GOD knows how does it feel in our heart... kami cume mampu berdoa..berdoa..dan berdoa...semoga our baby is ok.
Thanks God, bile CTG dijalankan, the baby start moving again..starting with a mild gesture and sedikit gerakan... From the test, my foetus heart beat is normal...sigh.... am feel soooooo relief!
Until now, the movement is still very mild than usual..
Esok, ada appointment dgn doktor bersalin at DEMC- DR.Norleen. Dia akan bg result for today's CTG and its depending on her suggestion if I should delliver my baby earlier or not...becoz by tom, my baby is 9 month oredi!
'Ya ALLAH, selamatkan lah baby, selamatkan lah aku...semoga nothing bad happen..ameen...'