Thursday, March 11, 2010

If you're court of doing wrong, what would you do?

If you're court of doing wrong, what would you do?
a) try to explain by giving up unreasonable reason
b) giving irritating answer.with the hope that the others wont be asking u so much about it.
c) Pointing up your finger to the others
d) Start being rediculuos and annoying

If your answer is none-of-the-above, you are a strong person. Strong enough to face ur problem.
You're also a less-annoying person ( despite off the mistake that u done, of coz)

Believe me or not, somebody that I know is - all of the above. Pretty annoying,huh????
I am wondering:
How hard to say sorry is.
How pathetic you are.
How poor are you in understanding people's feeling.
and last..
How come you are still breathing without feeling sorry to the people around you.

so YOU, boleh BLAH! huh.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Aku sedikit emo hari ni. tatau kenapa..aduii..kadang aku letih.penat. melayan kerenah kerja...kerja? ummm.... kerja aku, aku bpleh prob! yg aku letih, ialah melayan kerenah manusia2 yg byk kerenah... aku penat melayan mood org yg tak menentu....itu ini,begitu begini.. watde hel?!

Tp bile aku emo...bila aku tgk ni. sure aku tersenyum...hati berbunga-bunga..

My cutie baby. Thank you for making your mama and babah smile, for cheerishing our day and for all the enrichment of love in heart. Luv you dear!